Men's Mad Scientist Costume

Interested in a career in science? Scared of getting wrapped up in a boring lab tech job? Why not give mad scientist a try! You get to be your own boss, work your own hours and select only the projects that YOU want to work on. From human-like abominations, to evil doomsday devices, the sky is the limit on what kind of projects you can complete! Sure, there might be some sacrifices. You'll have to be willing to take midnight trips to the cemetery to scavenge for fresh cadavers. You don't think you can create human-like abominations without them, do you? Don't worry about the lack of sleep. All you need to do is create a potion that will give you an alter ego. While your alter ego wreaks havoc your real personality can take a nice, long nap. You'll know you've made it when you find yourself fiddling around with lab equipment in a dark castle on the top of a foggy and stormy mountain. You'd think scientists would know a little more about energy efficient workplaces but that's what sets the basic scientists apart from the mad. So, you don't have to lease that drafty old fortress yet. You don't even need that humpbacked assistant completing your dark hearted whims. The title of mad scientist is at your fingertips. The only real requirement for becoming one is a white lab coat, reckless abandon and perhaps the laugh that bespeaks your insanity. This costume should get you started down that road, no problem.
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