Santa's Little Helper Dog Costume

Does your little puppy have dreams of grandeur? Maybe your pooch has been longing to take a trip to the North Pole to join the ranks of Santa's elves, so he can create tons of toys for good boys and girls. Maybe he wants to lick Santa's face this Christmas and eat all of the cookies that Mrs. Claus baked. There's just one little problem. Aside from reindeer and elves, no one is allowed to see Santa Claus's secret operation… so your doggy is going to need a cool disguise to get in! Introducing this Santa's Little Helper costume for dogs! It craftily gives your pup an incognito look that should help him get through the gates of the North Pole. It comes with a green and red bodysuit designed to make him appear like just another pair of elves, carry a gift to be delivered this Christmas. Once he gets into the workshop, he'll be able to realize his dreams of running amok in Santa's home!
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